Creating a Blog the Marathon Way Part 2: Some Siteground Features

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Before installing WordPress and starting your blog, I want to share a couple of important advantages of Siteground that should be taken care of first. This will be a short post, so we can get to the good stuff next time.

Marathon Blogging Siteground Features

Creating a Blog the Marathon Way Part 1: Hosting and Domain Name

SSL Certificate

One of the advantages of Siteground is that it provides a free SSL certificate with your account. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and  it ensures that data transmitted between the server and browser remain encrypted, making your site more secure. The certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt.

To install your SSL certificate, first log into your Siteground account. Once you’re in, click on the “My Accounts” tab towards the top.

Siteground My Accounts


Next, select the red “Go to cPanel” button.

Siteground cPanel


Scroll down to the Security Section and select the “Let’s Encrypt” icon.

Siteground cPanel Let's Encrypt


At the bottom of screen, select your domain and click the Install button. (The Wildcard SSL is for sub-domains, which, if you’re just starting out, you probably don’t need.)

Once your SSL certificate is installed, you can navigate back to the same area any time and manage your certificate and see that it is active.

Email Accounts

Your Siteground  account allows you to create as many free email accounts as you need. Navigate to your cPanel again, scroll down to the Mail section and click on the Email Accounts icon.

You can now set up email accounts that are associated with your domain, for example, Once your accounts are created, you can use the Webmail icon next to the Email Accounts icon to access and manage your accounts.

Creating a Blog the Marathon Way Part 1: Hosting and Domain Name

I hope this was helpful. cPanel contains many ways to run your account, and I will continue to share as I learn. Please contact me if I can be of any help. Next time, we’ll install WordPress and learn about some of its features.

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