Creating A Blog the Marathon Way Part 3: Installing WordPress

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Folks, it’s time for the exciting stuff. It’s time to install WordPress and begin building your blog and making it look all sorts of awesome.

Marathon blogging, installing wordpress

This is Part 3 of a series showing you how to set up your blog using my marathon method. If you haven’t yet set up a hosting account account, check out this post.

Creating a Blog the Marathon Way Part 1: Hosting and Domain Name

Creating a Blog the Marathon Way Part 2: Some Siteground Features

Installing WordPress

WordPress is the software that is used to manage your website or blog. Once you have a hosting site set up, you can download the software and customize your blog.

First, sign into your Siteground account that you set up last time. On your homepage, click on the “My Accounts” tab towards the top of the page.

Under “Manage Account,” click on the red button “Go to cPanel.”


Scroll down to the Autoinstallers Section and click on the WordPress icon.

Click on one of the “Install” buttons on the WordPress page:

Wordpress install


Clicking the Install button will bring up the Software Setup and Site settings.

Make your selections in each of the sections and be sure to make note of your Admin username, password, and email. Click on the Install button when finished.

Your blog will be installed on your Siteground hosting account and you will receive a confirmation that installation was successful.

You can now sign into WordPress using your admin username and password. Your Administrative URL is your domain name plus “/wp-admin”. For example, mine is “”.

Try It Out…

WordPress can be overwhelming, so I suggest playing and looking around to get the lay of the land. The main menu is on the left side of the page and contains most of the features you will use.

To get you stared, you may want to select your theme. That is the layout of your blog and WordPress comes installed with a few free ones. Click on “Appearance –>Themes” in the menu. Browse the free ones and select the layout you prefer.

Wordpress themes

Now, just take some time to familiarize with the rest of the software. Try customizing your theme. Look through the menu and familiarize yourself with the selections.

Next time, we’ll look at fun stuff like Widgets and Plugins. (What?!) Let me know if I can answer any questions. Till next time, have fun!



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