Hello, and welcome to my tiny corner of the web.

Is your brain busting at the seams with ideas that you need to get out? Are you interested in learning this blogging thing? Do you want to improve your writing? Is there a secret ninja identity in you trying to worm its way out?

Same here.

So let’s get work on all of that together, shall we?

As a work-in-progress writer, I’ll share ideas including thoughts on the writing process, blogging, personal finance, parenting and more. And I hope you’ll share yours as well.

A little about me….

Hi, I’m Tara.

I’m a work-in-progress. God’s been working on me for a long time. And although I’ll never be close to being perfect, I figure as long as I’m improving, that counts as a win.

I’m a follower of Jesus, wife, mother, knitter, blogger, introvert, eternal optimist, recovering procrastinator, unashamed nerd and potato chip addict.

One of my children resides in Heaven. He was a budding writer. It is him to whom I dedicate this blog.