So you want to build a website? In my opinion, everyone should have their own blog, or ecommerce site, or place to share all the videos of The Wittiest Feline.™ (No judgement here.)

Before building your site, you need a place for it to live. That’s where web hosting businesses come in. They provide the space for your site to call home.

Hosting companies provide remote access to their physical or virtual servers that manage the software used to build and run your website. For a fee, they will host your site and provide a number of services associated with it, including email accounts, site security, and site backups, among others.

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There are many hosting companies out there, but SiteGround is one of the most popular services for blogs and ecommerce sites. It works seamlessly with WordPress, offers many services, and is easy to navigate. Offerings include a free domain name for the first year (as of this writing), a free SSL certificate, free daily site backups, and many others.

SiteGround offers shared hosting and cloud hosting plans. Shared hosting means that several websites share a server, making it an affordable option for small blogs and businesses.

If you head on over to SiteGround and click on View Plans, you can view pricing and features.

After selecting a plan, enter your domain if you have one. If not, you can execute a search for the perfect domain for your business or blog. (As of this writing, is still available; c’mon, you know you want it.)

SiteGround will tell you if a domain is already in use and give you suggestions for others.

Click Proceed to go to Step 3. Here, you will complete the setup of your SiteGround account, review the details of your order, and pay your fee.

That’s it!

Once you’ve logged into your account, click on the Websites tab at the top, and you’re ready to start building your site, setting up email accounts, and security.

Ready to get started with SiteGround? Click here.

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